We will search for you rare, special and historical wine bottles.

Wine is a complex universe made of traditions, territories, stories and peculiarities that together define its difference with any other product of nature and human culture. Our mission as wine merchants consists not only in offering an impeccable sales experience, but also in researching prestigious and rare samples for our clients within the Italian and international wine scene. Thanks to our expertise and our network of producers, collectors and importers, we are able to satisfy every special need with professional and competent support.


A rare wine, a memorable vintage, a special producer? We meet your needs and desires through our inventory or directly from the most qualified international sources since we maintain a long-standing and trustful professional collaboration with several wineries, suppliers and private collectors.


We control the bottles one by one to verify the quality of their content and the integrity of the capsule, label and back label. Our control process also includes the reading of security holograms using special technologies in order to verify the authenticity of the most valuable wines.


Our temperature-controlled warehouse guarantees the compliance with the strictest standards of storage. The bottles are stored and handled following careful procedures. The most valuable wines are stored in a vault with constantly monitored temperature and humidity levels.


We prepare the packaging and palletising of the bottles with the utmost care, either in cooperation with the customers’ internal logistics department or in our own in-house logistics department, optimising shipping times and costs.


We guarantee fast and safe deliveries worldwide by selecting the most reliable shipping services based on our experience and knowledge of international wine regulations.


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