Frank Cornellissen


Frank Cornellissen is located on the slopes of the Northern valley of Etna. The estate was established by the exuberant and dynamic personality of Belgian-born Frank, who had always dreamt to move to Sicily and produce wine. The vinification of Nerello Mascalese, among others, follows Frank Cornellissen’s inspiring principle, which aims at delivering his vision of a traditional Etna wine.


Susucaru Rosato, Susucaru Rosso, MunJebel Rosso, MunJebel Bianco, Magma Rosso, contrada Barbabecchi, MunJebel Rosso BB, contrada Barbabecchi, MunJebel Rosso MC, contrada Monte Colla
MunJebel Rosso CS, contrada Zottorinoto – Chiusa Spagnolo, MunJebel Rosso PA, contrada Feudo di Mezzo – Porcaria, MunJebel Rosso FM, contrada Feudo di Mezzo – sottana, MunJebel Rosso CR, contrada Campo Re, MunJebel Rosso CA, contrada Crasà, MunJebel Rosso CD, contrada Calderara sottana, MunJebel Rosso PU, contrada Puntalazzo, MunJebel Rosso VA, cuvée Vigne Alte, MunJebel Rosso P, cuvée Perpetuu, MunJebel Bianco VA, cuvée Vigne Alte



For many, organic viticulture is a synonym for quality, authenticity, expression of the terroir and respect for nature, but the real core of this practise is the lifestyle one adopts when embarking on this path. The Gulfi winery follows and respects this philosophy through a non-invasive winemaking process that even excludes irrigation of the vineyards, accepting a low yield to promote the healthiness of the fruit.


Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Valcanzjria, Cerasuolo di Vittoria, Carjcanti, Rossojbleo, Nerojbleo, Nerosanlorè, Neromaccarj, Nerobuffaleffj, Nerobaronj, Reseca, Pinò.


rosolini - siracusa

Located on the Hyblean Plateau, an area of incomparable natural value, Giasira is a certified organic winery that produces high quality wines. The name comes from the word of Arabic origin that means “Island”, as they called the area where the estate is located, isolated by the deep canyons that run through the Hyblean upland.


Rosso Isabella, Nero d’Avola, Morhum, Grillo, Keration.


Telefono: +39 042292148


Carretta S.r.l.

P.IVA: 01691020265

Where we are

Via Vegri, 8

31027 – Spresiano (TV)