Bartolo Mascarello


An absolute benchmark for all Barolo lovers, Bartolo Mascarello is a tenacious defensor fidei of a prestigious tradition begun in 1918 by the founder Giulio and remained unchanged to this day in the method of vinification.

The baton has now passed on to daughter Maria Teresa, who has added a fine sensitivity to the extraordinary family heritage made of knowledge and passion.


Langhe Nebbiolo, Barbera d’Alba, Dolcetto d’Alba, Barolo.

Giuseppe Rinaldi


The Azienda Agricola Giuseppe Rinaldi was founded in 1890 by Battista Rinaldi, a farmer who cultivated some vineyards of the Marquis Falletti di Barolo and then became the owner of a small farm. Handed down from father to son as a family tradition, the company is located on a territory characterised by a perfect microclimate and exposure, cultivated with natural methods, and follows the ancient farming traditions in the wine making.


Barolo Tre Tine, Barolo Brunate, Nebbiolo, Barbera d’Alba, Freisa, Rosae, Dolcetto d’Alba



The company is often added to the ranks of the so-called “traditionalist”, a definition to be understood as loyalty to the indispensable values for the progress and evolution of winemaking. The historic Barolo Chinato of Cappellano comes from the ancient tradition of adding Vermouth to the wine, which now translates into a well-balanced mix of china calissaia extract with other aromatic herbs.


Barbera d’Alba, Barolo Piè Rupestris, Barolo Piè Franco, Barolo Chinato.

Giacomo Conterno


At the beginning of the 20th century, Giacomo Conterno wanted to show his skills as a producer of top quality wine in the Langhe, where the custom at the time was only to sell grapes to the big bottlers. Thanks to his work and that of his son Roberto, who undertook his training in the field of enology, today the winery boasts one of the most appreciated and acclaimed wines in the world: Barolo Monfortino.


Barolo riserva Monfortino, Barolo Francia, Barolo Cerretta,  Barolo Arione, Barbera Vigna Francia, Barbera Cerretta 

Giuseppe Mascarello


The Mascarello family has been involved in viticulture for over 140 years, first as farmers for the Marquise Juliette Colbert Falletti di Barolo, and then on their own property since the late 1800s. Nebbiolo has always been the symbolic vine of the Langhe, a great winemaking terroir capable of expressing itself at sublime levels in wines of remarkable personality, intense bouquet, great smooth tannins, and outstanding possibilities of evolution and resistance over time. One of the great wines of the Giuseppe Mascarello winery is the Barolo Monprivato “Cà d’Morissio”, a historic clone in a new vineyard


Barolo Monprivato, Barolo Bricco, Barolo Villero, Barolo Codana, Barolo Monprivato “Cà d’ Morissio”

Roberto Voerzio


Based in La Morra, a village in the heart of the Langhe, Roberto Voerzio started in the 1980s with 2 hectares of vineyards and the goal of producing the best Barolo in the world. Over the years, now flanked by his son Davide, Roberto has gained international prestige, following a simple philosophy: invest in the finest Crus of Barolo, Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo and Merlot, and work with respect for nature and tradition. The grapes are harvested manually and the vineyards are cared for without the use of chemicals, which could interfere with the natural cycle of the grapes. This viticulture allows each wine to express the peculiarities of its terroirs, as well as the characteristics of each vintage, revealing different nuances, sensations and emotions, season after season.  These principles result in extremely low yields and a production that is equally limited in quantity as exceptional in quality. This perfectionist approach in the vineyards is obviously adopted also in the cellar, where there is no interference with the spontaneous nature of the wine, but the benefits of modern techniques are not neglected, so much so that Roberto has been defined as “the most traditional of modernists”.


Barolo Cerequio, Barolo Brunate, Barolo La Serra, Barolo Rocche dell’Annunziata, Barolo Fossati, Barolo Riserva 10 Anni Case Nere, Barolo Torriglione, Barbera Pozzoannunziata, Barbera Il Cerreto, Langhe Nebbiolo, Dolcetto Priavino.



Gaja is one of the best-known wine producers in all of Italy and is famous for having renewed winemaking traditions, leaving provincialism behind and confident of its value among the most prestigious names in the world. Gaja’s passion for viticulture has led him to produce the finest expressions of Barbaresco: following a trip to the United States, he introduced from 1966 the use of barriques in the winemaking process, from 1978 in the case of Barbaresco, which was essential to the company’s growth and conquest of international markets. Similarly, the plantings of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon progressively brought Gaja at the highest level of the market.


Gaia & Rey, Barbaresco, Sorì San Lorenzo, Sorì Tildin, Darmadi, Sperss

Produttori del Barbaresco


1894 marked the birth of Barbaresco. Before then, Nebbiolo grapes, cultivated for centuries in Piedmont, were sold for the production of Barolo or vinified as a simple table wine. More than 60 years later, in 1958, the Produttori del Barbaresco was founded gathering 50 families on a total of 100 hectares on the southern hills of the Langhe. The winery is one of the most prestigious in the area and an example for any cooperative in the world.


Barbaresco Riserva Asili, Barbaresco Riserva Pora, Barbaresco Riserva Rio Sordo, Barbaresco Riserva Muncagota, Barbaresco Riserva Montestefano, Barbaresco Riserva Montefico, Barbaresco Riserva Ovello, Barbaresco Riserva Rabaja, Barbaresco Riserva Paje, Barbaresco, Langhe Nebbiolo.

Nervi Conterno


Founded in 1906 by Luigi Nervi, Nervi Gattinara is the oldest winery in the Docg area of Gattinara, a particularly fruitful area with a great potential yet to be discovered. In accordance with the family, Roberto Conterno acquired the winery in 2018, ensuring continuity with dedication and enthusiasm.


Gattinara, Gattinara Valferana, Gattinara Molsino.


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