A story of wine, bonding and passion.

Founded in 1948, Carretta Vini has been running for three generations. Our business first involved wines and grappas from the rural tradition and later developed in the 1970s, when we grew from selectors and bottlers into wine merchants, without ever losing sight of the central role cultural and human values play alongside the commercial ones.

Years and vintages pass, true values remain.

Over the decades, we have forged with the most important Italian and international producers relationships that have grown from collaborations into friendships. We have met the needs of countless customers, sometimes facing challenges in order to satisfy their particular requests.

We stay true to our ethical values, to our small family business and to our region but, at the same time, our import-export services look at the world and reach all markets, occupying a prestigious position and assuring well-established quality standards.


We like to venture into the world of art and culture as promoters and producers of original projects. In this context, the book “Il Vino. Piacere e Cultura” (Corbo e Fiore Editori) was born, resulting from the collaboration between Adriano Ciccotosto and Isabella Ottobre with Michele Carretta, who authored the introductions to this volume that illustrates the cultural, material and symbolic evolution of wine through the history of art, literature and music. For our 65th anniversary, once again based on a concept developed by Michele Carretta, the volumes “Le 7 vite di Carretta Vini” were created in collaboration with Giovanna Durì and Daniele Varelli, which form with the later “Rosso Marziano” (Piazza Editore 2016) and “Vinum Ergo Sum” (Piazza Editore 2020) an inspiring trilogy on wine, nature and history.


A special connection exists between wine and music, and it is no coincidence that both can be described using “notes”. According to some researchers, listening to certain music influences the sensations that can be experienced during the tasting of wine. Michele Carretta’s passion for music and his close friendship with composer and conductor Gerardo Felisatti have prompted the CDs “Rosso Vivo, con Fuoco” (2013) and “Acquamadre”. The first is a collection of original compositions for piano, named “disc of the month” by the magazine Audiophile Sound; the latter describes a journey into the infinite values water can embody in collaboration with cellist Luigi Puxeddu. Other musical and cultural projects are currently in the making.


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